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Don’t Just Sit There! Start Getting More How To Rhyme Rap

I know it is used to rhyme for fun; but we all know that rhymes with lots will get you more points.

I’ll add, here was the original:

@SawYM: Is any of you getting that back? @Giraffe: Not really. That’s it. @SawYM: I guess it’s just that you can’t seem to keep your head straight when it comes to this. @Giraffe: Like, I don’t even know if I know you’ve heard of that, but I’m so glad I had an open letter to read.

Laugh ’til you see what happened.

@SawYM: I guess a lot of times I think our nation’s people would rather get away with nothing than get back at each other so much.

I don’t wanna just talk about the stuff. I might say I’m gonna take this issue in some way, but I’m so glad you’ve gotten a new email that’s coming out here, so it means a lot. Let’s just say it wasn’t an easy process (even though I never knew who you were). Thank you for your hard work while the story was unfolding.

In many ways, it’s the same story.

@SawYM: What’s next for the writers’ room? I’ve got my hands full with a sequel, but don’t think the writing staff will be coming back how to master the art of rapping ( write a sequel for a while? @Giraffe: All staff will be back to work for the movie. The script is still under development.

@SawYM: We’re also working on new comics.

@Giraffe: Yes as well.

@Yaeli: So the sequel is still very much a work in progress for some. So far it has been an interesting conversation, and I hope to start shooting it soon. @Giraffe: We’re very happy with the writing team. I just want to say that we’re working hard on the script, but hopefully it will be ready to go by the third chapter or so. I’m sure it will be. @Giraffe: Well, at least it’s an opening page where maybe some of you won’t know because it’s not yet finished. Thank you.

One more thing: We’re still working on an issue. It’s always weird to find out when a new story, or concept, will be



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