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Find out how to Be In The highest 10 With Shakira El Masri

It’s hip hop a culture. Hip hop is a culture. My friend has a lot of great records. We’re all listening to music that has an impact. We all understand what it’s like to be a man. If, like, I start singing some, I mean the record producer, or something else. I don’t think most people realize, but we’re all so busy, and, like, how can we work so hard and learn what’s interesting? We’re all trying to see more and more.

How does making music change your life or your career?

I want to get back to some of my own experiences and the experience of being a part of hip hop culture. I love hip hop music because I think it’s always had an impact.

Do you have a story to tell?

I’m a rapper. You get to create as a person, you get to come out as a hip hop guy. A hip hop is a cultural phenomenon. The most interesting thing is that it’s something that comes from a place of privilege. There’s this sort of place in hip hop culture where there are not enough things to understand and talk about, because that’s not a part of you.

What is your next album?

I’m currently working out. [laughs] It’s a personal thing. It’s not necessarily autobiographical. My brother and I, he’s a poet, he’s a writer. I am still really, really conscious about what the music means, the music we make, belly dancing outfit and what our lives are.

What’s on your calendar?

I’m finishing my music. I’m finishing making my music now. It’s like, if I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t think about it as I would if I was making music. I mean I wouldn’t. But what it is, what it is I’m going to do.

Who was it for?

Bryce Harper. He had this crush on me and I met him. I got to meet him at this concert. And then I met and went to college. I went to college and I found out. B.J. was just like, “You wanna do music like me?” I was totally into it. I really liked that person.

Do you love being a rapper?

Lately, I’m a different kind of rapper. I’m not super talented. Maybe I’m into the things that I do now



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